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Natural life, natural enjoyment, created by Boyu

Opening Celebration of Boyu Exhibition Hall at Guangzhou

On September 12, "Boyu Guangzhou Image Exhibition Hall" grandly opened. "Boyu Guangzhou Image Exhibition Hall" is located at D136-137, District D, Yihe Hongbo Flower, Bird and Fish Art Plaza, Xique Road, Liwan District, adjacent to the original Yuehe Market.

The opening of "Boyu Guangzhou Image Exhibition Hall" has brought a new discovery and an unexpected surprise to the aquarium industry. The business environment, corporate and product image display, etc. are all compared with the original aquarium industry sales and operation Above, it reflects a qualitative transformation, and in a true sense reflects a leisurely and elegant atmosphere fusion of aquatic products. As a result, it fully confirms Boyu Group's marketing thoughts of innovation and forward-looking strategy. Hereby, we sincerely invite partners and friends at home and abroad to come and taste.